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The Process of Designing, Making, and Installing Custom Cabinetry

Custom cabinetry must begin with a customized plan of attack. A lot of our competitors jump the gun when it comes to customized built in cabinets. Here at Davis Cabinets, we are here to walk you through the process. We fully understand that kitchen cabinets, a home remodel, pantry cabinets, or any other types of interior designs are all significant investments, and we will make sure the our customers are 100 percent on board with exactly what they desire. Davis Cabinets, although a custom cabinet designer, has strong partnerships with some of San Diego’s best contractors to make for a one-stop shop on all remodels, renovations and new home interior design.

It all starts with the idea for your designer cabinets:

It does not matter if you are looking to furnish a new home or looking to remodel, it always starts with the idea. If you are not exactly sure on what or how your cabinets and interior design should look, Bruce Davis and his top experts will map out several designs and provide you with some great options to choose from. The best kitchens and the best home cabinets are the ones that had the best idea and vision from the beginning.

The Design –

Determining the types of kitchen and other home cabinets that you desire

The design process is the most exciting part next to the finished product. There is so much to choose from whether you’re designing your dream home, remodeling your kitchen, fixing up your home office den or simply installing more convenient pantry cabinets. Cabinet making is a fine art form. Mr. Davis and his colleagues will help you design your custom cabinets and help you choose the right woods, stain colors, and the right cabinet hardware, making sure that you are entirely aware of what to expect out of your new interior design. Davis Cabinets will arm you with several design options to choose from based on your vision, and will spend the time with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you’ve dreamt of in your home’s permanent furnishings.

Building your high quality home cabinets

This is where Bruce takes your ideas and designs from a set of drawings and material samples and sets them into motion creating a quality product that will leave your neighbors envious. All of the cabinets Bruce and his team build are manufactured in the shop to assure that the master craftsmanship is truly high-end quality.

Staining and finishing your quality cabinetry

Staining, sanding and finishing your cabinets is a highly important and tedious art form. The 30 plus years of experience of Davis Cabinets shines through, making your cabinets’ glisten in the light allowing for the beautiful wood patterns and grains to be seen in detail. Excepting for the quality in which your cabinets are built, the stain is the make or break for the cabinets. If not done properly, even the most expensive cabinets can look average. You can assure that Davis Cabinets and their 35 years of experience knows how to stain with the highest craftsmanship in the industry.

Installing your custom cabinetry

After hand building your custom cabinets in the warehouse, Davis Cabinets then begins the fourth quarter of the project installing your dream cabinets with precision and care. The most important part in this phase is making sure the puzzle pieces of your custom furnishings fit exactly to their measurements and design. Many cabinet companies do not do the diligence in seeing through the different cabinet building phases, especially making sure the cabinets align perfectly in place as planned. Once again, the experience of Bruce and his team is top of its class, and the installation process is simple and smooth, leaving you with beautiful customized home cabinets that will last for many years to come.